I attempt to customize each keynote so I can create a connection with each audience. The duration of each can be customized to fit 30 to 75 minute timeframes.

Developing the Resilient Mindset

Overview: In these unprecedented times, we must have the courage and discipline to toe the line each day to face the forces that oppose us. In this keynote we explore the impact that having a resilient mindset can have as we toe the line each day.  You’ll come away inspired and equipped to develop your “stone” of resilience.

Principles of the Battle-Tested Leader

Overview: Battle-Tested leaders are leaders that have faced difficult challenges and are therefore better prepared for the next battle. In this keynote we’ll ignite the leader in you so that you not only lead yourself better, you lead others better. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to establish principles through which you lead yourself and your team through the battles you face.

The Art of Becoming Uncommon

Overview: In order for individuals or companies to reach uncommon heights, they need to think, see, and behave in uncommon ways. This keynote helps individuals and companies unlock an uncommon approach to life and business to “level up” and experience uncommon success.

Giant Killer

Overview: Based on the book, Giant Killer, co-written by Blake Williams and Jon Peacock. We all face giants in life – giants like fear, self-doubt, loss, pride, anxiety, temptation, and comfort. In this keynote, Blake inspires audiences to take action and equips them with a 5-step process to defeating the giants that prevent them from living a life of greater victory.